A Love Letter to You, My Reader <3

Dear Beloved Reader,

Swoon. I hope you are here because you love me -- okay, you loved River Rat. Who doesn't love a river rat? It makes me want to go jump in the river right now. Or maybe you have been drinking too much, and just stumbled in here. It's okay. Been there. Fell down. Woke up with a rip-roaring hangover. Did it again. But I digress...  

I will only email you, if I have a new book release and only because you asked so nicely. I will also email you, if I am giving away really awesome prizes. I know you want in on it. (I'd want in on it, too.)

I won't email you every time I have a brilliant, snarky comment in my head that I have to share. Promise. I don't like spam, and I assume you don't either. (Who likes spam? Well, it is good on white bread.) If you ever want to leave me, you can hit unsubscribe, and stab me in the heart.


Reeve Thomas

Writer, Frustrated Cube Monkey, Semi-Normal Person    

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